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Welcome to glasgow_clubs everyone!! This is our first ever post *proud* As it says on the main page, please bare with us, we are only starting out and having a few technical hitches, altho mahairi seems to be sorting them all out, clever cookie that she is!! *big pat on the back* for her making our new icon! T'is lovely! What do u guys think?!?

Anyway back to the point, glasgow_clubs is a community where we hope you'll all meet new friends and have a laugh....organise clubbing trips etc etc. We at the moment think Glasgow is the best place for clubbing, with Manchester coming a close second, anyone with a different opinion please feel free to tell us about your home town and why its so great....Dont want to bore you guys, have fun with this community- treat it as if its your own and get posting!!!!!!!!!! Any probs then get in touch with myself, impreza_nic or mahairi

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